Training Types & Fees

Course Definitions

Course definitions are determined based on the following criteria.

  • Who is Delivering the Course: Is the course being given by the Association and/or affiliated PA|PG|PC program office or an outside entity?
  • What is the Training Topic: Does the training address a PA|PG|PC program core competency or a more generalized PA|PG|PC proficiency?

Course definitions include:

  • Competency Training (formerly labeled In-house Training): Any training, course, workshop or other form of professional training organized and hosted by the Association’s Executive Office or a PA|PG|PC County office which meets one or more PA|PG|PC program competencies as outlined in Chapter 5 of this document.
  • Proficiency Training (formerly labeled Outside Training): Any training, course, workshop or other form of professional training that meets one or more PA|PG|PC proficiencies outlined in Chapter 5 of this document or other related topic/skill set to be approved by the Standards & Certification Committee. The training may be presented by a County PA|PG|PC member or any other outside entity/organization.
  • Online Training: Any training, course, workshop or other form of professional training that is offered on the Association’s proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), any webinars or county sponsored online pre-recorded courses.

Please note: During emergency situations such as a state or federal health mandate or state emergency where in-person classes may not be feasible, virtual courses (courses held online in real-time that are not pre-recorded) will be treated the same way in-person trainings are treated and classified by whether they are a competency or proficiency for accreditation purposes.

County Course Pre-Approval

For accreditation to be provided by the Association, an online application for County Training Accreditation must be completed and submitted to the Association’s Standards & Certification Committee on all trainings for review/approval to ensure trainings meet a range of core competencies, proficiencies and sustainability criteria to verify course rigor. The County Training Accreditation application can be found here.

All applications must be submitted at a minimum, thirty-days (30) in advance of a course being offered to be considered for accreditation.

Course Fees

A fee will be charged for attending certification and recertification trainings, which is to be applied to Association costs as determined by the Association and may be broken down into a member or non-member fee structure.

The current cost for each credit hour taken is

  • $10 for members &
  • $50 for non-members