The California Association of Public Administrators, Public Guardians, and Public Conservators (CA PA|PG|PC) is a non-profit association representing government officials and employees who provide services to the citizens of California through the Public Administrator, Public Guardian and Public Conservator offices in each of California’s 58 counties. These agencies act as the legal guardian or conservator of older and dependent adult Californians who are no longer able to act in their own best interest, resist undue influence, or are gravely disabled as a result of a psychiatric or cognitive disorder. The agencies also act as the personal representative for decedent estates for whom there is no other person willing or able to act.

The below vision and mission statement help drive the Association’s daily activities to ensure our members receive the best in services to meet the rigorous demands of their roles.

Our Vision

All California counties are successful in protecting the most vulnerable residents and estates across their lifespan and after death.

Our Mission

The CA PA|PG|PC Association is dedicated to providing certification and training, promoting collaboration between our members and advancing legislative priorities.

You can learn more about PA|PG|PCs under our What We Do section.

Our Code of Ethics

  • Recognize that the care of the client is a prime responsibility and at all times strive to provide quality services consistent with available resources
  • Provide services with respect for the dignity and uniqueness of the client unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, race, age, sex, color, creed, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, personal attributes, or the nature of mental or medical problems
  • Act as advocates in safeguarding client’s civil and legal rights
  • Safeguard client’s rights to privacy by judiciously protecting information of a confidential nature
  • Manage estates prudently; with care and good judgment
  • Comply, at all times, with existing local, state, and federal laws as a minimum guide for the fulfillment of responsibilities to clients
  • Maintain personal integrity, and assume responsibility and accountability for individual judgments and actions, and eliminate any possibility of conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest
  • Protect, at all times and under all circumstances, the position of trust vested in the Office of the Public Guardian, Public Conservator, and Public Administrator
  • Seek and maintain competence in professional skills
  • Cooperate with other entities engaged in, or supportive of, collateral services to promote quality programs
  • Participate in activities that contribute to the ongoing development of the profession’s’ body of knowledge and its efforts to implement and improve professional standards
  • Enforce, through the Association, the policies established for the welfare of the clients and the continued effectiveness of the profession