Membership Services

As a CA PA|PG|PC member you have at your fingertips access to a variety of benefits and programs to enhance your life and your career. It also fulfills the certification mandate by the State of California Judicial Council designating the Association as the certifying body for all county Public Administrators, Guardians and Conservators with certification required by law for PA|PG|PC to work within the state (Probate Codes §7605, 2923 and 1456.2).

While the Association provides certification training for members only, we continue to strive to offer trainings for state partners as well to ensure they are informed on current PA|PG|PC standards and protocols within the state.


As a designated certifying body for all Public Administrators, Public Guardians and Public Conservators, we provide a variety of professional trainings to help prepare our members to meet the rigorous demands of the job.

Members receive discounts at the Association’s annual conference as well as access to online and regional trainings. Please visit our Regional and Online Training pages to learn more or you can check out our Event Calendar.


Through the Association’s website, private forums and conferences, members have the opportunity to communicate and network about policies, funding and other issues faced by PA|PG|PC staff within the state. This offers the ability to learn from peers in other counties and receive support for this challenging work.

Legislative Education

The Association provides members with up-to-date legislative information affecting Administrator, Guardianship and Conservator programs within California.

Membership provides the opportunity to support legal advocates for this unique field as well as champion legislative initiatives that contribute to our mission.

Job Opportunities

Through the Association website, counties statewide can post their open PA|PG|PC related job postings which members have access to. To view open positions please visit our Job Posting page.