Directory of Resources

The following resource guides have been created to assist PA|PG|PC’s in their day-to-day work. We are continually working on new resources to help mitigate challenges PA|PG|PC’s face when trying to meet the rigors of the job while ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Have specific questions around a particularly difficult case? Don’t forget about our monthly coffee hour held the second Thursday of each month. These video chats, led by the Association’s Executive Director, provide a platform for members to collaborate and find better solutions to challenges that face all PA|PG|PC’s throughout the state.

CA PA|PA|PC Resource Guides

Members: You can find important document resources on your Member365 dashboard. Please click here to log in now. Below are public guides that have been shared by other organizations that may be relevant for our members and the general public.

Outside Resource Links

The below sites offer additional resources by outside organization’s broken down by program theme. If you would like to share a resource you feel other members or the general public would find useful, please email with the name of the resource, link to the resource’s website and the value you feel it could provide others in the field.