Thank you for your interest in providing a training at the Association’s Annual Conference or an accredited regional training in your area. For accreditation to be provided by our Association the below form must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the Standards and Certification Committee for review/approval. The committee does require a minimum of thirty-days (30) advance notice for all applications. Once approved, an email will be sent to the facilitator noted on the original application. Please note, the application submitted must be complete with a biography of your proposed speaker(s) as well as a detailed outline of their training.

Once the class is over, County Programs who had members attend must upload course verification documents (class roster or attendance certification as well as a new Group Activity cover sheet) into Member365 via the new Chapter Management Group Activity submission process. To learn more about this process, please visit the Member365 Chapter Management Resource page.

Please Note: The Association now requires that all verification documents and credit fees be received within 90 days from the date of a class being taken to receive credit. Any verification documents/payments received after 90 days will not be considered valid. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Thank you.

The system invoice generated by Member365 must be included with payment and mailed to:

California PA|PG|PC
P.O. Box 467
Sacramento, CA. 95812
Attention: Training Accounts Payable

Application Criteria

Applications for course certification must meet specific criteria including:

  1. Commercial guidelines requiring fair and balanced coverage of the topic being covered
  2. That the course does not promote any specific business interest or entity and
  3. The course must align with at least one of either CA PA|PG|PC’s core program competencies or proficiencies based on training definitions below

Details on the course review and approval process can be found in CA PA|PG|PC’s Standards & Certification process document under Chapter 6: Curriculum Standards & Definitions.

Please check which type of training you are requesting accreditation for (definitions below). The Committee uses these definitions to determine course criteria as outlined in the Standards & Certification process document. For those wishing to provide training at the Association’s Annual Conference, please select Annual Conference only.

  • Competency Training: Any training, course, workshop or other form of professional training organized and hosted by the Association’s Executive Office or PA|PG|PC County office which meets one or more PA|PG|PC program competency as outlined in Chapter 5 of the Standards & Certification Protocols
  • Proficiency Training: Any training, course, workshop or other form of professional training that meets one or more PA|PG|PC proficiencies outlined in Chapter 5 of the Standards & Certification Protocols or other related topic/skill set to be approved by the Standards & Certification Committee. The training may be presented by a County PA|PG|PC program member or an other outside entity/organization
  • Annual Conference: Training sessions held at the Association’s annual membership conference. For a course to be considered for a conference, it must meet either one or more PA|PG|PC program proficiency or competency outlined in the Standards & Certification process document

NOTE: No more than seven (7) proficiency credit hours may be accumulated in a four-year period as approved by the Association.