Association membership offers an array of services including peer-to-peer mentoring, training certification, a PA|PG|PC resource library, career opportunities and so much more. Please review our membership requirements thoroughly before applying.

Requirements to Join the Association

All memberships require:

  • Employment in a Public Administrator, Public Guardian, or Public Conservator office in one of the 58 counties in California as well as
  • Authorization from a member’s Principal or Manager to verify county employment status (shown by completing the Authorization Form, found below)

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to apply.

New Memberships During Renewal Season

Starting July 1, 2024: Renewal Lists Must Be Submitted between July 1-31 each year with Payment Due No Later Than September 30

Membership Managers for each County Program can now add new members when they submit their annual renewal roster in Member365. For more information on the Association’s yearly renewal process please check out the Chapter Management Resource page here.

If your Membership Manager has already submitted the County Program roster for renewal, or it is outside the renewal period, new members can be added on an individual basis by clicking on one of the below Membership Applications.

Don’t know which membership is right for you? Have questions about membership fees? Please visit our membership pricing page here. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’re here to help.

Terminating Memberships

Memberships can only be deleted during the Association’s annual renewal process to ensure record accuracy. If you have an employee leave your agency and you would like to remove their access to the Member365 portal, please email stating which employee you would like to have access removed and one of our Executive Team will be more than happy to assist you.

Transferring Memberships

All memberships are non-transferrable. This can impact our members in a variety of ways including

  • Transferring to Another County or Program: Should a member transfer to another county and/or program they are required to get a new membership within the new county irrelevant of whether they had an active membership with their prior county program. Please Note: The Association does allow all members to transfer their earned lifetime credits from one county program to another as long as that transfer happens within a year of their membership being archived from their old county program. All transferred memberships are required to start a new 4-year certification window with their new county membership
  • Promotions to a New Role: Should a member promote to a new position requiring a change in membership type within their current county (i.e. from a line staff role to supervisor or manager), they are required to pay for the new membership tier irrelevant of whether they had another active membership tier
  • Staff Turnover: Memberships are not transferable from one staff member to another. Any new staff member must apply for a new membership under their own name

Applying for Membership

As mentioned, all new memberships require the Principal for the County program or the new members Manager to complete the New Membership Authorization Form. To access this form please click the button below. You must download and complete the form prior to applying and then upload as part of the application process (a link to the free Adobe Reader can be found here).


All PA, PGs, PCs or other County Officials designated by respective Boards of Supervisors, Councils, or by election to perform the duty of Public Administrator, Public Guardian, or Public Conservator within the respective county or any Chief Assistant, i.e., Chief Deputies, Senior Deputies, Deputies, Assistant, etc., who bear responsibility for the daily operation of the above named offices and are so designated in writing by the Principal.


All supervisory or management personnel by whatever title, i.e. Chief Deputy, Assistant, Deputy, etc., who are employees of the county agencies providing the services of PA, PG, PC and receiving a salary paid by the county or by statutory fees and actively engaged in the profession of estate and case management and investigation functions of PA, PG, or PC.”


Excluding persons who qualify as Principal or Associate Members, all employees of the county agencies providing the services of PA, PG, or PC and receiving a salary paid by the county and actively engaged in the functions of Public Administrator, Public Guardian or Public Conservator.