Our Pricing Structure

We believe that the Association is the place for PA|PG|PC professionals and industry partners to connect and advance together. When you join, you join a community of professionals dedicated to the mission of serving the most vulnerable citizens in California, and to helping each other. Connecting with people who do what you do means more shared resources and more shared solutions. Together we thrive.


County fees are required for all counties to maintain their employees certification credentials as mandated by the State of California’s Judicial Council who designated the Association as the certifying body for all Public Administrators, Guardians and Conservators with certification required by law for PA|PG|PC to work within the state (Probate Codes §7605, 2923 and 1456.2).

These funds support the work being done by the Association including:

  1. Expanding our presence and influence on relevant issues and needs that face PA|PG|PC professionals within California
  2. Advocating for PA|PG|PC programs to help maintain or improve state funding for these vital services
  3. Coordinating training standards and assisting individual counties in obtaining necessary training to meet ever-changing state mandates thus reducing the burden and liabilities on counties to fulfill these expectations
  4. Providing essential technical guidance to individual counties to navigate difficult cases and
  5. Continuing to foster key partnerships with other like-minded organizations and state entities to help move our mission forward

County fees are dependent upon your counties size and how many programs you oversee. Please review our County Fee Matrix (PDF) to determine your county’s yearly fees.


Membership dues support the Association’s ongoing training programs and critical tracking of member certification records. We offer three membership tiers based on a member’s job title and/or role within the county they represent. They are:

Please feel free to give us a call at (916) 382-4703 and one of our team members will be more than happy to answer any questions on which tier is best for you.

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Requirements for Membership and Certification