How to Renew Your Counties Memberships Each Year

Membership renewals will happen in bulk instead of on an individual member basis as they have in the past. Starting July 1 of each year the assigned Membership Manager will get an email informing them that they need to log into Member365 to renew their staff’s membership for the new fiscal year.

Submitting the County Roster

To begin the process of reviewing and submitting your County Program roster for membership renewals:

  1. Log in to Member365 and from the Member Dashboard toolbar select My Account > Renewals
  2. The Renewals window will open with a list of all current members associated with the County Program in question.

Please Note: If a member does not appear on your county roster it means that the Association did not receive payment for their membership from the previous year. For the member to be renewed, the Association must receive payment for the outstanding membership invoice. Once the outstanding invoice has been paid, the member will appear on the County program roster and the renewal process for your county program can proceed as normal.

The window offers the ability to search for a specific member by name as well as the status of your member roster submission broken down as follows:

  • Awaiting Submission: Member roster has not yet been submitted by the County Program for review by the Association
  • Pending Review: Roster has been submitted and waiting for review by the Association
  • Approved: Association has approved roster and an invoice has been generated by Member365 and sent to the Billing Manager
  • Completed: All memberships have been paid for and members are in good standing with the Association

The renewal table is broken down into 5 columns that cover:

  • Delete? Column: An option to Delete a member from your county program roster. Only check this box if you need to remove a member from your roster
  • Name Column: The name of each county program member (the member’s membership type is listed under the member’s name)
  • Membership Category Column: The membership category the member should be in (system will default to the membership the member currently holds)
    • If you need to change a membership, simply select from the drop-down menu what the new membership type for the next fiscal year should be
  • Reason Column: The reason for a change (System defaults to renewal but you can also select from the drop-down Membership Change or Membership Deactivation) and finally
  • Change Request Column: A recap of the change request or action to be taken for verification i.e. Standard Renewal, Change in Membership Type or Delete

Adding a New Member

You can also add a member by clicking the green Add Member button found above the roster table.

To add a new member enter the below information and once done click on the green Create Account button.

  • First & Last Name
  • Title
  • Member Email Address
  • Type of Membership (Principle, Associate or Affiliate)
  • Upload required Verification documentation which can be found here

Once you have completed all the changes to your County Program roster for the renewal season simply click on the red button at the bottom of the page labeled Submit All for Review. A pop-up window will appear asking that you confirm your roster. The Association will either accept or decline your submission.

Please Note: Once confirmed no further changes to the roster can be made.

Submission Accepted

If accepted, the Billing Manager on file will receive an email with a master invoice listing the County Membership fee and all the individual membership dues you selected for renewal. The Membership Manager will also receive an email confirming the roster has been approved and no further action is required.

Submission Declined

If the Association declines the submission, the Membership Manager will receive an email with the reason for declining the submission and the Membership Manager needs to make the necessary changes and resubmit for further review/approval within the renewal window (no later than July 31).

All Memberships Are Considered Renewed When Payment Has Been Received From the County Program.

Please Note: If the Membership Manager has already submitted the County Program roster for renewal, or it is outside the renewal period, new members can be added or existing members deleted on an individual basis by clicking the Become a Member page here.

User Renewal Submission Error

Should a Membership Manager submit wrong information on the membership renewal roster, and the Association has approved the roster, there are several corrective actions that can take place. To learn more about these corrective actions please click here.