CA PA|PG|PC’s Executive Board guides the association in its mission to serve our members in California’s 58 counties. The Board is composed of 9 annually elected officers, with two seated past presidents to provide historical information to assist new leadership. A full outline of Officer roles and Board Committees can be found in the Association’s Bylaws.

Members interested in serving on the Board can download our Members in Action: Board Membership (coming soon) to learn about the Board, commitment required and next steps to get involved.

The Executive Board meeting schedule can be found on the Calendar of Events. If you wish to participate in a Board meeting, please contact the Executive Director at shughes@capapgpc.org.


Rolf Kleinhans, President
Chief Deputy Public Administrator
Nevada County

Lisa Proft, President Elect
Assistant Treasurer Tax Collector
Los Angeles County

Joseph Cherry, Secretary
Assistant Public Administrator/Guardian/Conservator
Napa County

Jill Nielsen, Treasurer
Deputy Director, Public Administrator/Guardian/Conservator
San Francisco County

Rick Pearson, Sergeant-at-Arms
Program Manager, Public Administrator/Guardian/Conservator
Sacramento County


Michael Cottone
Chief Deputy Public Guardian/Public Conservator
Trinity County

Melani Rodrigue
Public Administrator/Public Guardian/Public Conservator
Tehama County

Glenda Jackson
Chief Deputy Public Guardian-Conservator
San Bernardino County

Natasha Rangle
Assistant Public Administrator
Riverside County

LaShaunda Gaines
Public Administrator/Public Guardian/Public Conservator
San Diego County

Amparo Buck, 1st Past President
Public Guardian, Program Manager
Shasta County


Our staff is currently working from home during COVID-19 Pandemic. The best way to reach us is to email our staff at info@capapgpc.org. Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.

Scarlet D. Hughes, M.S.W.
Executive Director

Janelle Quick
Office Administrator

Catalina Carapia-Aguillon
Training Coordinator

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