How to View Member Certification Records

The Membership Manager has access to their County Program members certification records. To access these records:

  1. Log in to Member365 and from the Member Dashboard toolbar select Certification > View Certification Report
  2. The certification report is broken down into the following components:
    • Credit Collection Status: The various status include:
      • In Progress: Active 4-year certification window
      • Completed: Past certification windows
      • Grace Period: This category is not applicable for Association certification
      • Did not Complete: Those members that did not complete the necessary credits to be certified
    • Collection Period: A listing of all past and current 4-year certification windows
    • Membership Status: Listing those members that are either active (membership has been paid) or inactive (membership has not been paid)
    • Membership Category: The various membership types
    • Search by Name: A search box where you can search for specific County Program members

  • Once you have the collection period or member you wish to review, the table shows you
    • Member: Member’s name
    • Lifetime Credits: What a member’s lifetime credits are
    • Collection Period: This is the collection Period based on your search parameters
    • Credits Required: These are the credits required to be considered certified within that 4-year period
    • Credits Earned: Credits Earned are the credits the member has earned in the certification window and
    • Credits Still Needed: Credits Still Needed are the credits the member still needs to earn to be considered certified

  • To view a member’s unofficial transcript simply click on the blue Download button next to the member’s name and a new window will open for you to review/download. You must contact the Association’s Executive Office to obtain a member’s official transcript records

Please Note: A member can have more than 40 credits required to be considered certified if they did not complete all 40 credits in their last 4-year cycle. To learn more about certification requirements and penalties please click here.