Legislative Alerts

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Legislative Alerts

From time to time the Association will have a need to share, outside of our active legislative agenda, information on bills that our members are calling us directly with questions on or that may have a broad impact for our membership as a whole. These legislative alerts in no way imply a stance on any one bill, but instead, are designed to inform our membership on a bills’ language and possible implications to those we serve.

Please check back frequently for regular updates regarding our ongoing legislative efforts. For more information on all the bills currently being tracked by the Association’s Legislative Committee, their status and more, please click on the Legislative Active Agenda button to the right of the page.

This update focuses on two bills the Association has been monitoring and actively engaged in discussion with the authors over the last several months to mitigate the negative impact for Public Guardians and Conservators: AB 1971 and SB 1045.

AB 1971 passed out of the Assembly Appropriations committee last Friday with a unanimous vote and no proposed amendments while SB 1045 passed out of the Senate Appropriations Committee with the proposed amendment to require a county to attempt to treat a person through an outpatient treatment center before conserving. The bill passed 5-2 with Republicans voting NO. The amended language is not yet available. Click the below links to view the Association opposition letters:

Both bills will now go to their respective house floors for a vote. If passed on the floor, they will go to the other house (AB 1971 to the Senate and SB 1045 to the Assembly) where they will go through the Committee Hearing process again.

Our continued advocacy efforts will include:

  • Continued discussions with the authors of each bill to change the language
  • Meeting with partners to form a more powerful voice
  • Meeting with legislators and their staff of the opposite house to educate them about the reality of these bills
  • Testifying at hearings
  • Sending new opposition letters to Chairpersons of each assigned Committee

CSAC has created an excellent recap (found here) of the various legislative bills recently proposed related to conservatorship. The CAPAPGPC Executive Office, in conjunction with our Legislation Chair, Arlene Diaz, the Legislation Committee, and our legislative advocate, Trent Smith, is working on gathering information regarding the possible impact to PA/PG/PC programs from these proposed bills. A survey will soon be sent to members requesting data about the financial cost to your programs should these bills be successful. Please respond to the survey as soon as possible. It is vital to our advocacy efforts that we communicate the potentially enormous financial consequences of these various bills, as well as, challenges that may exist around implementation of the mandates.

In addition to the bills outlined by CSAC, another bill, SB 1303, may have a significant impact for some of our Public Administrator (PA) members. SB 1303 would, for counties with a population of 500,000 or greater, require that the office of the coroner or the sheriff’s coroner’s office, be replaced with an office of the medical examiner without a public vote or election. The bill does not address issues concerning the impact to PA Offices currently under a coroner or sheriff’s coroner’s office, such as, would the PA Office remain with the sheriff’s office or be under the medical examiner, etc.

Our Association has not yet taken an official position on any of these bills, as many of them are just now being finalized. However, as the Association’s Executive Director, I am taking the lead in representing our members’ interest and working with the authors of these bills and our various partners, such as CSAC and CA Behavioral Health Director’s Assn, Coroner’s Association, Sheriff’s Association, etc. Thank you.