Membership Manager Role

Thanks to the California Department of Social Services training grant, the Association is working with our membership management platform, Member365, to streamline several membership and training processes to allow counties more access/control to member information. The project began in September of 2020 and launched July 1, 2021.

Role Overview

The below information provides detailed information on the Membership Manager role that is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the County Program member roster
  • Posting training attendance information for review/approval by the Association and
  • Can review the certification records of the members in the County Program

The Member Manager will be prompted to review their member roster and make any required changes such as changing individual member classifications, removing members, and adding new members each renewal season (Renewal season begins July 1).

Please Note: All County Program memberships that have not been paid for more than 90 days after July 1 will be placed in inactive status and members will be unable to access the Association’s membership portal, sign up for classes or receive credits until payment in full is made.