The Association offers several resources to help our members familiarize themselves with certain Association policies and Member365 features.

We highly recommend new members view the “New Member Resources” section below to familiarize themselves with where information can be found on various membership issues as well as how to navigate Member365 for the first time.

We also have a wonderful resource library offering a repository of shared forms, training materials, policies and procedures for our members to utilize in their work. We have broken down the resources into specific industry themes to make it easier for our members to access the information they need.

In addition to the Resource Library, we offer additional tutorials and resources including:

  • Tutorials for members on how to use the Association’s online training courses (LMS Portal)
  • Tutorials to navigate Member365 Chapter Management tools for Membership Managers and Billing Contacts in each County program and
  • Quick link to the Association’s Standards & Certification document

To view these tools click on the appropriate links below.

Resource Tutorials

Membership How-Tos

New Member Resources

We have created an FAQ page to address frequently asked questions concerning the Association’s certification process. To learn more pleaseclick here.
The Association calendar found here lists classes being offered by the Association as well as courses other County programs or partners are offering that have been approved for accreditation. You can also reach out to your County’s Membership Manager to see if there are any courses your County program is offering that have been approved by the Association.
Member365 is the Association’s membership management system that allows members to sign up for classes, view their certification records, connect with other members and so much more.
We are in the process of creating a video tutorial. Check back frequently to view this resource coming soon.
To receive Association emails you need to consent to receive email communication from us. To confirm you have agreed to receive emails from the Association, please follow the instructions below.

  • Log into your Member365 Account
  • From the top toolbar click on My Account > Email Notifications
  • On the email notifications page click on the slide button currently showing red. Once clicked the button should be green which confirms you have agreed to receive emails from the Association

Still not getting emails?
Here are a few helpful tips that you can do from your email folder to ensure you are receiving email from us.

  • When an email is filtered into your Spam folder, click “Not Spam” to notify your email service provider of the error
  • Add info@capapgpc.org to your address book or safe senders list to avoid mail from this address being sent to your junk folder
  • Check your bulk or junk mail folders periodically to ensure email isn’t being trapped in the wrong inbox

If all else fails, be sure to check your email providers Help section for information on SPAM filters and workarounds to ensure you are getting all your email in a timely manner. Here is a helpful link with a few additional tips broken down by popular mail and ISP providers: https://clean.email/blog/email-security/how-to-whitelist-an-email

If fixing your email filters doesn’t work from your email account you may need to contact your IT administrator to address the issue. You can tell your IT team that emails from Member365 and CA PA|PG|PC are OK to receive by putting us on your county’s whitelist, which is an industry term for a “safe” list of senders. They will need to add Member365/CA PA|PG|PC’s URLs or IP addresses to do this and have provided the necessary information below.

  • URLs to be added to whitelist: capapgpc.org and member365.com
  • IP addresses to be added to whitelist: and
  • Our system generated emails come through as sendgrid.net
  • Our reminder emails are sent from no-reply@member365.com

Do Note: Some security programs will prompt you to restart your computer, to allow the changes to take effect.

For members to receive credits for classes they have taken they must be members in good standing (membership fees have been paid) and the Association must have received payment for the course in question.

There are a couple of ways to earn credits with the Association that have varying timeframes for posting credits as well.

  1. Take a Virtual Class Hosted by the Association. Once you complete a virtual course, and we have received payment, we will mark you as attended, and the credits should appear on your record no more than 7 days after processing.
  2. Take an Online Course Through the Association’s LMS. Once you pass an online course with a 70% or higher grade your credits will appear on your record.
  3. Attend the Association’s Annual Conference. Credits for classes attended at one of our conferences will be posted within 45 business days from the end of the conference as long as payment for the conference has been made and you are a member in good standing.
  4. Take an Outside Course Given by Your County or Another Outside Party. For you to get credit for these types of courses they must be pre-approved by the Association and once taken, your county programs Membership Manager must upload the attendance record into Member365 for approval/payment processing.

For County Membership Managers

The County Membership Manager manages the member/renewal list and other membership permissions, retrieves member certification records and submits group classes for member credits (Can have up to two staff members assigned to the role if needed).
We have created an online tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to renew your counties memberships during each renewal season (July 1 – September 30). To learn more please click here.
Once your County program has submitted their renewal roster and it’s been approved, new members can only be added by going to the Association’s website. To do that you would go to the Become a Member page, and from there, the new employee can fill out a membership application based on which membership they are applying for (i.e. Affiliate, Associate or Principal). Don’t forget, they will need a completed New Member Verification Form signed by the County program’s Principal as part of the application process.

Please Note: The application process is done online only. The various membership application buttons are located at the bottom of the Become a Member site page.

Once the individual application has been approved, an invoice will be sent to the member for payment processing. The invoice should also be accessible to your Billing Contact under Invoices & Receipts/Organizational Invoices.

Members no longer with a county program can only be deleted during renewal season.
We have created an online tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to view certification records for members in your county. To learn more please click here.

For County Billing Contacts

The County Billing Contact receives and pays the applicable CA PA|PG|PC invoices for the individual membership applications and renewals and training fees for their county program (Can have up to two staff members assigned to the role if needed).
We have created a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to access your counties invoices. To learn more please click here.
Should a Membership Manager submit wrong information on the membership renewal roster, and the Association has approved the roster, there are several corrective actions that can take place.

Wrong Membership Type
If the wrong membership type (Principal, Associate or Affiliate) was selected for one or more of the members listed on the County program’s yearly renewal roster either:

  • A refund for the difference between what the membership type should have been vs what was selected will be processed after the County has paid their original invoice in full or
  • A second invoice will be created for any additional fees owed to the Association based on the difference between what the membership type should have been vs what was selected

Member Not Added
Should a new staff member have not been added to the renewal roster at the time of roster submission, a new member application found here can be completed with a separate invoice generated for that individual membership.

Forgot to Delete a Member
If the Membership Manager forgot to delete from the roster a member that is no longer working for the County then the Membership Manager needs to send an email to info@capapgpc.org with the name of the member to be deleted and their termination date. Termination date must be before the renewal season to receive a refund for that member’s membership fee.

Once the Association has processed the original check payment, and confirmation of the member’s termination has been received, a refund will be processed to the County program in question.

Should a Membership Manager submit wrong information on the Group Activity roster, there are several corrective actions that can take place.

Forgot a Member on Class Roster
If the Membership Manager forgot to add a member when submitting the class roster, they simply need to submit a new Group Class Activity submission for the member missed. No changes to the original invoice are needed.

Credits Were Wrong for Class Activity
If the Membership Manager submitted a class without verifying the credits were correct, and an invoice has already been generated by the system, the original invoice and activity will be voided in the system by the Association and your County program’s Membership Manager will need to resubmit a new Group Class Activity with the correct class/credits selected.

County Sent Payment Without Submitting Group Class Information Through Member365
The Association will no longer accept mail in confirmation of class attendance. All County hosted trainings must be uploaded into Member365 for members to receive credit after payment has been made. Should the Association receive a class payment in the mail, it will not be processed until such time as the class/activity has been uploaded into Member365 with all the correct verification documents attached.

Please Note: Training attendance verification documentation and credit fees must be provided to the Association within 90 days of the date of the training for members to receive credits.

Training How-Tos

Training Authorizations & Submissions for Membership Managers

You must complete the Association’s County Training Accreditation Application. More information on the training accreditation process and application can be found here.
To learn more on how to upload class verification documents for outside trainings into Member365 please visit our Membership Manager tutorial by clicking here .

Online Training Courses

CA PA|PG|PC differentiates between Virtual vs. Online trainings as follows.

  • Virtual Training: Refers to training done in a virtual environment (such as Zoom or Teams) on a set date and time with the learner and the instructor in separate locations. Virtual training and virtual training environments are designed to simulate the traditional, interactive classroom or learning experience in real-time
  • Online Training: Refers to a pre-recorded training that does not occur in the same place or at the same time. It uses resources that facilitate information sharing outside the constraints of time and place among a network of people allowing members to learn at their own pace and at a time that’s convenient for them
Below are policies members should be aware of before taking an online course.

  • Members are limited to 7 (seven) credits of Online Trainings each 4-year certification window
  • Members must complete an online course within a year of starting and pass the course with a grade of 70% or higher to receive credits
  • Members must be logged into Member365 to receive membership pricing
  • Credits for completed online trainings will not be given until payment has been received in full
  • Member online courses cost $10/credit hour
Please click here to learn how to navigate the learning management dashboard for online classes.
Please click here to learn how to enroll in one of the Association’s online courses.
We have created a tutorial to walk you through the process of taking an online course. Click here to learn more.