From the Board President

Welcome Public Administrators, Guardians, Conservators, and other distinguished guests. We are delighted to have you all here at the 2023 Annual Conference, Moving Forward: Ready, Set, Grow. Our goal for this year’s conference is to equip, prepare, educate and engage each of you to accomplish the very best for the estates you administer, the clients you protect and the County you represent. Through more challenges than ever before, you have remained steadfast and diligent – thank you for your service.

We have an excellent conference prepared for you and hope that during this week you take time to reconnect with familiar faces, learn something valuable you can take back with you and make new friends. This conference is designed to facilitate connections, so take advantage of the Vendor Reception on Monday night and the evening at the Punch Bowl, where we can dine together, bowl together and have fun!

Thank you for attending this year’s conference. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we encourage you to invest in yourself during this week. Ask questions, exchange business cards and meet at least one person you have not met before. We are all peers at this conference and what one person is doing in one County may help you solve a problem in your County.

Enjoy the conference, the camaraderie, and the activities. May you be refreshed, Moving Forward and Ready, Set to Grow! The work each of you do is important, noble work. Never forget that. It has been my pleasure to serve alongside as your President this year.

Lisa Proft, Los Angeles County
President, CA PA|PG|PC

From the Executive Director

Our conference theme this year, “Moving Forward, Ready, Set, Grow” conveys our Association’s commitment to our members and our members commitment to their estates and clients. Our members have seen a tough road of increased workload, lack of placements and no state funding. Yet our members continue to protect the most vulnerable within our communities. I have been honored to be your Executive Director since September 2022. I have such respect for the work you all do and admire you all for doing it. I know it is not easy.

Our CA Department of Social Services Training Grant (thanks to the CA Welfare Directors Association) has allowed us to make great improvements to our internal systems, provide amazing Academies throughout the state and offer you more enhanced services. This grant will allow us to build an even more robust training program for our members.

It is my honor to serve as your Executive Director. We have a strong and amazing Executive Board that is working to advance your professions. We will also continue to fight for you in the state legislature. There will be many challenges ahead including CARE Court, SB 43 (expanding the definition of gravely disabled) and the doubling of 65 and older. And we will continue to fight for you to get desperately needed state funding.

I look forward to an exciting conference together! See you all in Sacramento!

Thomas Scott
Executive Director, CA PA|PG|PC