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Date Added: March 27, 2019

Overview: The CA PA|PG|PC Manager Training Resource Guide provides an overview of several resources the Association has created to help supervisors and above extend their staff’s learning beyond the classroom to ensure their team is getting the most out of each training they attend. We have provided links not only to the Manager Training Resource Guide but the templates for the Learner Action Plan and Post Training Assessment Form for managers to use as they see fit.

All CA PA|PG|PC Online courses also have a Training Manager Supplement form completed for each online course offered that provides a manager with an overview of the course including key objectives, a sample of the quiz given to attendees to gage understanding of core concepts, links to peripheral resources that either support materials covered in the training or tools that can be used on the job and pre/post training activities to reinforce learning objectives. Simply click on one of the links below to download a resource. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Any resources provided were given by our members voluntarily or were provided as collateral material for one of the Association’s trainings. All forms should be reviewed by a manager or your counties legal counsel to ensure they align with your individual County policies and procedures. None of the resources provided should be construed as legal advice