Accessing Online Courses

There are two ways to access the Association’s online course offerings.

From the Association’s Public Website

You can visit the Association’s public website and from the sites main menu select Trainings > Online Trainings. The page outlines general information on our online courses. Simply click on the orange “Shop Online Courses” button at the bottom of the page to be redirected to the Association’s online store seen below.

From Within Member365

From the Homepage Carousel

To access online courses when logged into Member365 please click on the Online Course Badge in the right-hand carousel which will redirect you to our online course page. From there you can review our online course policies and click on the “Shop Online Courses” button at the bottom of the page.

From the Training Catalog – Coming Soon

You will soon be able to access online courses from the LMS module itself by clicking on Online Trainings from the main toolbar (shown below in red) which will redirect you to our Online Training portal. From there you can view available courses by clicking the Training Catalogue.

Activating Course After Purchase

Once you have processed your online course order you will receive two emails:

  1. One which has your course invoice (members will not be charged for online courses for the foreseeable future) and
  2. A second email which has your course token to activate your course

Please Note: You can also access the course product token from the Member365 dashboard by going to My Account > Product Tokens.

To activate the course simply click on the token link in the email and a pop-up window will appear to activate the course token. Once activated you will be redirected to the Course homepage.

Have More Questions?

Don’t forget to visit our other online training tutorials below.