Regional Events

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Regional Events

Regional events provide an  opportunity for our members and partners to obtain critical training certification credits in key areas that affect daily PA|PG|PC work. Regional training and meeting opportunities can be found on the Association’s event calendar and are updated frequently.

CA PA|PG|PC Regional Trainings

The 2017-2019 grant from the California Department of Social Services has ended. We are in the process of applying to continue the funding. Until a finalized decision has been made,  the regional trainings have been put on hold.

County Sponsored Regional Trainings

Regional trainings are also hosted by individual County PA|PG|PC offices throughout the year and are open to any active Association member. In order for certification credits to be available at Regional trainings, the hosting PA|PG|PC Office is required to submit an application to the Association thirty (30) days prior to the training date to verify the programming being provided meets our training standards as defined by our Standards and Certification guidelines.

If interested in hosting a Regional Training that provides Association accreditation, please complete the below application. Someone from the Association’s Standards & Certification committee will get back to you within five (5) business days notifying the facilitator whether the application has been approved. Once approved, the training will be available online for members to register.


Application for Training Accreditation