It is with profound sadness that we inform you that Chris Koper, our Association’s legislative analyst died Thursday, April 9, 2020 from Lymphoma.

Chris became our Association’s Legislative Analyst in January 2019 following her retirement from Sonoma County in late 2018. Her vast knowledge of the clients served by and work performed by Public Administrator/Guardian/Conservators (PA|PG|PC) statewide was immensely valuable to our Association’s legislative priorities. She had a unique ability to bring to life the day to day challenges our members face. This skill was vital in helping Legislators understand the critical work of PA|PG|PCs and the need for funding for our members.  She was an excellent strategist and advocate.

As the Chief Deputy in the Sonoma County PA|PG|PC’s Office from 2009-2018, she updated and modernized their policies and procedures, obtained additional funding for the program resulting in additional PA|PG|PC line staff, a Supervising Deputy position, and a consulting Public Health Nurse for the Public Guardian program.

Chris was a long-time member of our Association and served on our Association’s Executive Board from 2011-2018 in successively responsible roles. Chris was President during the critical year our Association recruited for our first Executive Director. She led the selection team that conducted the interviews and ensured the recruitment process was without bias and was completely transparent. She also single handedly wrote the original Scope of Work, which was vital in securing our FY 2017-2019 $280,000 Training Grant from the CA State Department of Social Services. The work Chris performed on the Executive Director’s recruitment and the Training Grant was largely on her own time.

When Chris was part of a team, she had an exceptional ability to reframe challenging issues, resulting in clarity so the group could reach consensus.  She worked tirelessly for our Association with a truly admirable love for our profession. She was always generous with her time and vast knowledge, eagerly mentoring new members to our vocation. We will miss her sense of humor, her dedication to our work and her light in the world.

Chris is survived by her loving daughter, Corrie Koper. Due to COVID-19, no memorial service is scheduled yet. Donations in Chris’ name to help support her daughter during this difficult transition can be made by clicking here.

Should you wish to share a story or special memory about Chris, please feel free to comment below. Please note: comments are being moderated so may take an hour or two to post. Thank you for your patience.